My Port-A-Cath Surgery Experience | Breast Cancer Vlog #3

Updated: Jul 21

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I had collected a couple of footage I had recorded over the past month. There was a delay in sharing the information due to many complications over the past few days but now I can share it with everyone. The port a cath surgery is different for everyone. This video explains my experience getting my insert. I hope my experience can be used for informational and educational purposes for any future cancer patient to make their own choices on their journey. As said in the video, my local Anestia experience seemed to be a common experience. I spoke to other cancer patients who had said they're experience was very similar to mine. if you wish to not experience the same try asking to be put to sleep. I had opened a gofundme due to the multiple copays piling up along with the lack of capability to work to cover my regular bills. Anything helps even sharing.

GoFund Me:


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